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Snow Removal   


SpringValley offers complete snow plowing and removal services for commercial and residential properties.

· Plowing: Commercial, residential & municipal lots & driveways.
· Sidewalk Snow Removal: Shoveling, plowing & snow blowing of walkways,
  steps & city walks.
· Snow Removal: Dump truck & payloader services.

SpringValley also uses & distributes Magic Liquid & Ice B-Gone Magic  de-Icing agents:

· Applied prior to storm to prevent snow & ice from bonding to the pavement or other
· Seeps into the pores of the surface reducing black ice & re-freeze.
· Non-corrosive & DEC approved.

Ice B-Gone Magic De-Icing Agent:

· Melts snow & ice effectively to -35 degrees
· Use 40% less Ice B-Gone Magic versus straight salt
· Less corrosive, does not burn lawns or damage brick or concrete
· Eliminates the need for sand.


Sales & Service;

· Bulk Magic Liquid is available for delivery and pick-up.
· Ice B-Gone Magic is available at SpringValley for pick-up and delivery in bulk
· Pre-treating & Post-treating of lots, driveways & sidewalks, as well as stock pile


FAQs & Benefits of Ice B'Gone Magic 

WHAT IS IBG MAGIC SALT? IBG Magic Salt is a patented liquid treated salt deicer available in granular form.

WHAT IS IBG MAGIC LIQUID? IBG Magic Liquid is a highly effective liquid deicer. IBG Magic Liquid is a proprietary formula of magnesium chloride combined with an agricultural by-product of the distilling process (i.e. grain and/or sugar based) and is protected under U.S. patent # 4,676,918. The liquid treatment is a strong deicer used for pretreatment of parking lots and sidewalks prior to a storm event.

HOW IS SALT TREATED? IBG Magic Liquid is mixed into a salt pile at the rate of 6-8 gallons per ton of dry salt using a loader.

HOW IS IBG MAGIC SALT AVAILABLE? The solid granules are available in bulk for contractors (10 or 25 ton loads), in pallets of 50 or 25 lbs bags. IBG Magic Liquid is pre-treating roadways prior to a storm event, and for dust control.

HOW IS IT STORED? IBG Magic Salt needs to be stored in dry bags, salt bins or under tarps. IBG Magic Liquid needs to be stored in food grade plastic drums and totes.

IS IT SAFE? One of the safest products in the market, IBG Magic Deicers are less corrosive than distilled water! It is environmentally friendly, safer for pets & children than other deicers, safe on concrete and green concrete, landscaping and hardscaping. It is water soluble, so it is easy to clean.

IS IT EXPENSIVE? No, in fact, you will save money by using IBG Magic Salt! It is more effective at lower quantities. It will save you money on time, labor, and equipment, while it reduces downtime, increases productivity, prohibits rust and decreases the slip and fall liability.


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